The opening date for Bluebirds Ballet Academy in Lafayette for the 2019-2020 dance season is September 3, 2019. Classes will continue through the fall and spring semesters until approximately May 22, 2020.

Bluebirds Ballet Academy will be closed the following dates for the 2018-2019 for holidays and rest:

October 10-12, 2019: Fall Break
October 31, 2019: Halloween
November 25-30, 2019: Thanksgiving Break
December 19, 2019-January 5, 2020: Christmas and New Year break
January 20, 2020: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 24-29, 2020: Mardi Gras break

April 10-17, 2020: Easter break

There may be opportunities for master classes or workshops during these breaks which will be optional and payable separately.



Female Students enrolled in Pre-School, Primary, and Level Ballet classes will have a uniform of class colored leotard, convertible ballet pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Uniform colors for female students are as follows for 2019-2020 Dance Year:

Preschool: Light Pink Leotard (please no attached skirts)
Primary: Light Blue Leotard (please no attached skirts)
Level I: Royal Blue Leotard (please no attached skirts)
Level II: Purple Leotard (please no attached skirts)
Level III: Burgundy Leotard (please no attached skirts)
Level IV and V: Any solid colored ballet style leotard (no two-piece dance outfits)

Level III, IV and V dancers may wear black tights or leggings on days that they take Dance Enrichment. Level III, IV and V Dancers will need tan jazz shoes. Level I and II Dancers may purchase tan jazz shoes or may use ballet shoes for all classes. All dancewear can be purchased at The Ultimate dance supply store. Please confirm your level and uniform color before purchasing leotard. Male Students enrolled in Pre-School, Primary and Level Ballet classes may wear a solid colored fitted t-shirt, or Bluebirds Ballet Academy shirt, with black shorts, tights, or dance/exercise pants, and black or white ballet slippers. Acrobatics Students may wear any color leotard and convertible tights or leggings, or gymnastics attire, with bare feet. Adult dance students may wear dance attire of any color or comfortable exercise clothing and ballet slippers. Hair should be secured back and up off of the neck, preferably in a bun or similar hairstyle for ballet classes and a braid for Acrobatics Classes. Pointe shoes are appropriate only for those Students approved by Bluebirds Ballet Academy to take classes en pointe. Please limit jewelry, as wearing same may cause injury to dancers. 

Bluebirds Ballet Academy will have an annual dance performance to showcase the Students' growth and to foster creative expression. Details regarding the performance will be forthcoming later in the year. The goal of the performance is to help the Students to develop performance skills and artistry, and to increase a Student's self-esteem and pride of accomplishment. Student collaboration and input will be encouraged in developing the performance ideas. The approximate cost of participation is $160 for Preschool, Primary, Level I, Level II and Acrobatics Students with one costume; $240 for Students with two costumes (generally Level III, IV, V, and those in Level I or II and Acrobatics); and $320 for Students with three costumes; plus the cost of tickets (approximately $12 per ticket before fees). Additionally, you may wish to purchase performance photographs, videos or other such performance merchandise that may be offered. The performance preparation and event will be kept as simple and stress-free as possible to ensure a good experience for Students and their families. Additional performance opportunities may be available during the year for more advanced Students.


Tuition payments are due on a monthly basis, on the first class of each month, and may be paid by check or in cash. A Tuition Envelope will be distributed to Students at the beginning of each month. Please place tuition payments in Tuition Envelope and place same in the Tuition Envelope Box located next to the back entry of the studio door, in the lobby hallway. If you are placing cash in the Tuition Envelope Box, please be sure that you place same in your Tuition Envelope or in a separate envelope with Student’s name marked on envelope. Checks may be made to Bluebirds Ballet Academy. Although there are no refunds or deductions from tuition for classes that are unattended, Students wishing to make up classes missed due to illness or injury, family emergencies or other such circumstances will be allowed to do so through attending a make-up class in another class level or in a different class of their same level if available. Tuition is determined on a yearly as opposed to month by month basis to take into consideration time off for holidays.

____ Plié with Your Bébé: Parent/Tot aged 1 through 3 (once a week/$60 per month)
____ Preschool Dance: Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet and Beginning Tumbling Skills for ages 2 through 4 (once a week/$60 per month)
____ Tumbling Tots: Tumbling and Creative Movement Class for ages 4 through 6 (once a week/$45 per month)
____ Primary Dance: Creative Movement, Ballet and Tumbling for ages 4 through 6 (once week/$60 per month)
____ Level I: Ballet and Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary or Modern Dance for ages 6 and 7 (once a week/$60 per month)
____ Beginning Acrobatic Movement: for ages 6 and 7 (once a week/$30 per month added on to Level I or $45 per month taken separately)
____ Level II: Ballet and Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary or Modern Dance for ages 7 and 8 (once a week/$90 per month)
____ Intermediate/Advanced Acrobatic Movement: for ages 8 and above (once a week/$60 per month)
____ Level III: Ballet, Pre-Pointe and Dance Enrichment Class for ages 9-11 (twice a week/$160 per month)
____ Level IV: Ballet, Pointe and Dance Enrichment Class for ages 11 and 12 (three times a week/$180 per month)
____ Level V: Ballet, Pointe and Dance Enrichment Class for ages 13 and above (three times a week/$180 per month)   
____ Adult and Teen Ballet and Conditioning: for adults with or without dance experience and Students age 11 and above with little to no dance experience (once a week/$60 per month)
____ Boys Movement Class: Dance and Tumbling Class for boys ages 6 and up (once a week/$60 per month)

An annual non-refundable family registration fee is due at the time of registration in order to hold Student’s place in classes for the 2019-2020 Dance Year. Registration before June 1st, 2019 is $50 per family. Registration after May 31st, 2019 is $75 per family. 

Bluebirds Ballet Academy


At Bluebirds Ballet Academy, a dance studio in Lafayette, we have three goals for each student, whether that student be a brand new "baby bluebird" preschool student, an accomplished advanced dancer, or an adult dance student: we strive to (1) encourage creativity,(2) help our students experience the joy ​of dance, and (3) create educated artists interested in the study of their craft. Our emphasis on a strong classical ballet foundation develops solid technique for a student interested in any form of dance, and our emphasis on movement in our ballet classes helps to develop a student's love for the art form.

Importantly, through our Dance Enrichment classes, students are exposed to and can experiment with alternative dance forms and movement concepts. We embrace a student-centered model for our classes. Every student is different, and therefore every class is different. Classes are created with the student's interests, strengths and weaknesses in mind. 

Dance class is supposed to be enjoyable. It is a challenging art form, and a student must truly love it to excel. But in the end, we dance because we love to move. Therefore, the best results come from positive reinforcement, encouragement, and goal-oriented correction. We recognize that each student develops at different paces, has different strengths and different needs. Artists need a safe space to create, try, fail, and try again. It is our hope that students and parents remember these fundamental concepts when enrolling in our school. 



1007 East Saint Mary Boulevard

Lafayette, Louisiana


Yearly Performance Opportunities