At Bluebirds Ballet Academy, a dance studio in Lafayette, we have three goals for each student, whether that student be a brand new "baby bluebird" preschool student, an accomplished advanced dancer, or an adult dance student: we strive to (1) encourage creativity,(2) help our students experience the joy ​of dance, and (3) create educated artists interested in the study of their craft. Our emphasis on a strong classical ballet foundation develops solid technique for a student interested in any form of dance, and our emphasis on movement in our ballet classes helps to develop a student's love for the art form.

Importantly, through our Dance Enrichment classes, students are exposed to and can experiment with alternative dance forms and movement concepts. We embrace a student-centered model for our classes. Every student is different, and therefore every class is different. Classes are created with the student's interests, strengths and weaknesses in mind. 

Dance class is supposed to be enjoyable. It is a challenging art form, and a student must truly love it to excel. But in the end, we dance because we love to move. Therefore, the best results come from positive reinforcement, encouragement, and goal-oriented correction. We recognize that each student develops at different paces, has different strengths and different needs. Artists need a safe space to create, try, fail, and try again. It is our hope that students and parents remember these fundamental concepts when enrolling in our school. 


1007 East Saint Mary Boulevard

Lafayette, Louisiana


Bluebirds Ballet Academy



  • Parking: Parking for Bluebirds Ballet Academy is available in the back parking lot off Coolidge Drive, along the side of the building on Coolidge Drive, or in the front of the building on East St. Mary. Parking for Basin Arts is available along the side or front of the building or along the streets surrounding the studio. Please be respectful of places designated as “No Parking” in the areas surrounding our studios.
  • Arrival: Please drop your child off at the back waiting area at Bluebirds Ballet Academy and through the side door of Basin Arts. Dancers should not be dropped off earlier than ten (10) minutes before their scheduled class time. Please make sure that your child’s instructor or the director (Ms. Jasmine or Ms. Clare) is in the studio before dropping off your child. The back entrance to Bluebirds is accessible with a code which will be given to you upon registration. 
  • Lobby/Waiting Areas: Please note that the lobby/waiting areas at both studios are closed during class times so that our students can have the optimal learning environment for classes. Parent/family viewing will be permitted on designated class days/times. Our older students often need to make use of the space in the lobby for breaks during class, shoe changes or for study of written materials and need full use of the space. Younger students are easily distracted in class from noise or activity in the waiting areas. Keeping the waiting areas clear during class times keeps our students safe and engaged and allows our instructors to be more efficient. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Dance Bags: Students should arrive with their dance bags with as few personal items as possible in their bags. Please make sure your child brings water with him or her to class, with his or her name labeled on the bottle. 
  • Departure: Dancers will be picked up from Bluebirds Ballet Academy and from Basin ARts through the front doors of the studio
  • Bluebirds Ballet Academy and Basin Arts reserve the right to adjust these policies at any time due to changes in State or local policies. In the event that Lafayette Parish Public Schools require students to wear masks in order to attend classes in-person, Bluebirds Ballet Academy and Basin Arts will adhere to the same requirements.

SCHEDULE:Student will receive confirmation of their class schedule after receipt of the Registration Form and registration fee.

Tuition: Tuition payments are due on a monthly basis, on the first class of each month, and may be paid by check or in cash. Each student will be issued a Yellow Tuition Envelope at the beginning of the year. It will be distributed to Students at the end of the first class of each month. Please place tuition payments inside the Yellow Tuition Envelope and leave it in the Tuition Envelope Box located next to the back entry of the studio door at Bluebirds Ballet Academy, in the lobby hallway. If you are placing cash in the Tuition Envelope Box, please be sure that you place it in your Yellow Tuition Envelope or in a separate envelope with Student’s name marked on the envelope. Checks may be made to Bluebirds Ballet Academy. Students who are enrolled in classes that meet at the Basin Arts studio only may hand their tuition envelopes to the instructor. Tuition is determined on a yearly as opposed to month-by-month basis to take into consideration time off for holidays, which are listed below.

Term and Holidays:The opening date for the 2021-2022 dance season is September 7, 2021. Classes will continue through the fall and spring semesters until May 21, 2022. We will be closed on the following dates for the 2021-2022 Dance Season for holidays and rest: ● November 22-27, 2021: Thanksgiving Break ● December 20, 2021-January 1, 2022: Christmas and New Year break ● January 17, 2022: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ● February 28-March 5, 2022: Mardi Gras break ● April 15-21, 2022: Easter break Weather and Other

Emergencies:In the event that Lafayette Public Schools close school due to inclement weather or other such emergencies, including closures due to COVID-19, Bluebirds Ballet Academy and Basin Arts Youth Classes will also be closed.


  • DANCEWEAR: Female Students enrolled in Preschool, Primary, and Level Dance classes will have a uniform of any solid colored leotard, convertible ballet pink or flesh-colored tights, and pink or flesh-colored ballet slippers. PLEASE NO ATTACHED SKIRTS, TUTUS, OR DANCE DRESSES. UNDERWEAR IS NOT WORN UNDER DANCE TIGHTS. Level III, IV and V dancers may wear black tights or leggings on days that they take Modern Dance or Jazz. Male Students enrolled in Preschool, Primary and Level Ballet classes may wear a solid colored fitted t-shirt with black shorts, tights, or dance/exercise pants, and black or white ballet slippers.  Acrobatics Students may wear any color leotard and convertible tights or leggings, or gymnastics attire, with bare feet. Students enrolled in Tap Class will need tap shoes. Pointe shoes are appropriate only for those Students approved by Bluebirds Ballet Academy to take classes en pointe.All dancewear can be purchased at The Ultimate dance supply store.
  • HAIR AND JEWELRY: Hair should be secured back and up off of the neck, in a bun or similar hairstyle for all dance classes and a braid for Acrobatics Classes.  Please limit jewelry, as wearing some may cause injury to dancers. NO NECKLACES, BRACELETS, DANGLING EARRINGS. Please keep hair accessories to a minimum as well—large bows, ribbons, barrettes, etc. tend to be distracting when dancing.

​Spring Performance 2022: Our annual Spring Dance Performance will be held May 18-21, 2022 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. The focus of the annual performance is to showcase the students’ growth, to foster creative expression, develop performance skills and artistry, and to increase our students’ self-esteem and pride of accomplishment. Our dance performances are story-based shows that generally last an hour and half, plus a fifteen-minute intermission. Student collaboration and input are encouraged in developing the performance ideas, story, and choreography. Details regarding the performance will be forthcoming later in the year. The approximate cost of participation is $160 for Preschool, Primary, and Acrobatics Students with one costume; $240 for Students with two costumes (generally Level I, II, and III); and $320 for Students with three costumes (generally Level IV and V); plus the cost of tickets (approximately $16 per ticket before fees). All Tickets (including parent tickets) to our performances are purchased separately through the box office of the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Additionally, you may wish to purchase performance photographs, videos or other such performance merchandise that may be offered. The performance preparation and event will be kept as simple and stress-free as possible to ensure a good experience for Students and their families. Additional performance opportunities may be available during the year for more advanced Students.

Informal Dance Showcase Option for Preschool and Primary Students:Those dancers enrolled in Preschool or Primary Dance who do not wish to participate in the Spring Dance Performance can participate in a Spring Dance Showcase. The Showcase will be held during the week of our Annual Spring Performance and will feature a demonstration of skills learned throughout the year. A fee of $40 will be charged for participation in the Showcase.

Class Cancellation:Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any class for which less than four students are enrolled.

Communication:We will communicate all important information through the email address you set forth in this form. Reminders such as holiday closures will also be posted on the Bluebirds and Basin Arts Facebook page and posted on the white boards of the lobby of the studio. Text messages will also be used to communicate information that is time-sensitive. Please make sure to check these sources often. Any questions can be directed to Jasmine Bertrand at the following email address:; or cell number: 337-322-3520.