Dance Enrichment Classes are student-centered classes where students will explore different movement concepts, choreography/choreographers, dance cultures, dance history, and dance forms/styles. A portion of the curriculum for this class is designed in collaboration with the individual Students of each class level. This class includes instruction in CONTEMPORARY, MODERN DANCE and JAZZ and is offered for Students in Level I through V as part of their weekly dance training.

At Bluebirds Ballet Academy, we teach classical ballet with an emphasis on artistry, technique, and care for the dancer's body. Our goal is that each of our dancers will continue to dance throughout their lifetimes: therefore, we strive to teach healthy habits for the care of our bodies. We believe in instilling a respect in our students for this beautiful art form by learning about ballet. Therefore, in addition to traditional ballet technique, Ballet Classes for Students age 7 and above may also include instruction in dance history, anatomy, variation or choreography study, character dance. Additionally, instruction in creative movement, strengthening and conditioning, Pilates, and developing focus/mindfulness will also be introduced. Pre-pointe and pointe work is given in Ballet III and IV classes for those students who display the strength and dedication necessary for dancing en pointe. Teen and Adult Ballet Classes are exercise-focused classes.



preschool and primary dance

If you have a son or grandson who loves to move, but is hesitant about taking a "dance" class, this may be a perfect class for him! Students will be taught dance technique basics to upbeat, popular, child-appropriate music. Stretching, building strength and coordination are emphasized. All classes end with tumbling and acrobatic skills instruction. 

Our Acrobatic Movement and Tumbling Tots classes may be taken in conjunction with ballet classes or may be taken on their own. These classes are wonderful for the student who loves to move: rolls, cartwheels, bridges,and beginning skills are taught in Tumbling Tots. As students progress, more difficult skills such as walkovers, handsprings and handstands are introduced in Acrobatic Movement.


Our Preschool and Primary Dance Classes are wonderful introductory dance classes for your little dancer. We emphasize joy in movement and creative learning through story and song, while at the same time begin to educate your dancer in correct technique and dance terminology. Classes for this age group begin with community dance activities, floor stretch and creative movement, and then move to center technique, travelling locomotor movements, and finish with tumbling skills, songs or creative dance exercises. Our instructors are patient and nurturing. 


Bluebirds Ballet Academy offers the following classes:

  • Preschool Dance: Creative Movement, Ballet, and Tumbling for children ages 2 through 4  
  • Primary Dance: Creative Movement, Ballet and Tumbling for children ages 4 through 6  
  • Classical Ballet* Beginner through Advanced and Pre-Professional Level, for Students age 6 and above, as well as Pre-Pointe and Pointe Classes for Students 9 and above 
  • Dance Enrichment Classes for Students age 6 and above, including instruction in Jazz, Modern Dance, Lyrical/Contemporary
  • Acrobatic Movement Classes for children ages 6 and above, Beginner through Advanced Level
  • Tumbling Tots Tumbling and Creative Movement Classes for children ages 4 through 6 
  • Boys Movement Classes for Boys age 6 and above 
  • Adult and Teen Ballet and Conditioning Class for adults with or without dance training and Students age 11 or above with little to no dance training

Students will be placed by Bluebirds Ballet Academy into a level most appropriate to his or her age, development and capabilities. Ages are given as approximations, as some students may need a different level from that of their age group due to ability or development. Student may be placed in a level based upon his or her age, but be allowed to take additional classes in another level, because of his or her abilities or need. Students enrolled in Ballet II-IV may take any class the level below their own level any time at no additional charge.

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